Dikirim pada 12 Februari 2012 di Kata Mutiara

Sebuah puisi berbahasa inggris dengan judul My Dreams karya dari Lulu Aundhia Allam


I ever dreamed
Dream of being a smart person
I never expected
Hoping for success

I want to fly high
As high as my dream one day later
The sun shine
Like the eternal world of peace

I planted a tear
As hopes of realizing the ideals
Hopefully I can walk around the world
When the future has arrived

Never stop hoping
Do not ever stop praying
Do not give up too easily
Pray and resignation
That is the key to successful
To achieve what you want
May our ideals come true ..
Reach star up there ..
Make it more bright, as bright as science ..

Dikirim pada 12 Februari 2012 di Kata Mutiara
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